Updates and such things…

Hey everyone! Time for a few updates! So, as you may already know, A Sea Like Glass is finally out! Woohoo! I know, I know, it was a long time coming, but you can now find it on Amazon in all its glory. I hope you enjoy it! If you do, please consider leaving a review! It really helps us authors out when you do! 🙂

Also, in case you missed it, The Madness Method now has a Wiki! Check it out here! It’s a work in progress, but it’s also openly editable, so if there’s stuff you want to include that’s missing, go ahead and add it! Or ping me and pester me to add it for you. 🙂 But it’s got lots of juicy tidbits about the world and people of the Madness Method, so, hope you find some interesting stuff!

Finally, I’m hard at work on the Subverter: Extended Edition, which I hope to finish up before the end of 2018.

And stay tuned for the title reveal for Madness Method #4!


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