2016 Exit Stage Right

2016 Exit Stage Right

Well, here we are at the end of another year.

2016 has been a really, really good year, all told…though if you just read the news and look at all the people who have died this last year, it was pretty rough. I know that more than a few times I heard myself saying, “Badly done, 2016. Badly done indeed.” But for me personally, a lot of amazing things happened that I can reflect back on and be grateful for. And guess what? I’m going to make 2017 even better!

So, since today is the traditional day we look back on the things we have accomplished (or neglected to accomplish) and look forward to all the things we’re going to do better in the coming year, I’ve decided to share with you my 2016 Top Ten Moments, and my 2017 Top Ten Goals.

2016 Top Ten (in no order of awesomeness):

  1. texas_state_guard_logo-svgI joined the Texas State Guard. I got sworn in back in March, and it’s been an amazing adventure ever since. I always had dreams of joining the military but life and other things got in the way, but in the TXSG I have a great opportunity to help out in times of disaster and emergencies. (You can learn more about the TXSG here if you’re interested!)
  2. I started nursing school. Back in May, I started a fast track BSN nursing program that will end this May. It’s been intense, emotional, exhilarating, sometimes terrifying, and always fulfilling. I’ve made some amazing friends, taken care of some wonderful patients, and learned a lot about myself as well as about nursing.
  3. I was able to run two miles for like the first time in my life. (And then I hurt my back. Bleh.)
  4. I was both bridesmaid and choir member in the wedding of one of my very best friends. So much yes.
  5. Worked on an awesome project. Can’t really talk about it, however. Sorry.
  6. Went to Los Angeles (right before nursing school started!) with my amazing sister, S.K. Valenzuela, who won the Industry Insider Screenwriting Contest. We had the most epic time ever.
  7. Had a FABULOUS time at Dallas ComicCon, hanging with S. Usher Evans, Julia Byers, Christina McMullen, and S.K. Valenzuela.
  8. Got to see the Tallis Scholars in concert. Renaissance music HEAVEN.
  9. Learned how to navigate using a compass and topographic map. EVEN IN THE DARK. Heck. Yeah.
  10. Cut my hair shorter than it’s ever been…possibly since I was born. It rocked. Then I decided to grow it back out.

2017 Top Ten Goals:

  1. Graduate nursing school! Please dear God let me survive my last semester…. 😉
  2. Once I get my BSN, I should qualify to go to Officer Candidate School for the State Guard. Woohoo!
  3. I’m finally going to get my orange belt in Krav Maga…and, if I work very hard, perhaps my green belt too. Orange belt is long overdue (couldn’t test because of aforementioned back injury. Bleh.)
  4. I’m going to go on a medical mission down on the border with my nursing school. Sweet.
  5. I am going to run in a Spartan race. I am.2e0eb9183e61de18175493bf031215e7
  6. PUBLISH A SEA LIKE GLASS!!!! There, happy? Maybe I’ll be able to finish Perilous too, finally. AND I’m going to do a better job of keeping this blog updated. Yeahhh…that’s the plan.
  7. This year I want to WIN the Writer’s of the Future contest! Made semi-finalist in the last quarter of 2015, so here’s hoping this year will be even bigger.
  8. Get a job. You know, like, a real job. Heh. Preferably in the emergency department. Or PACU. Or OR. Possibly pediatrics? Who knows!
  9. Be able to turn a pirouette in ballet without looking like Mr. Collins. (Yes. I’m starting ballet. Because why not? It goes perfectly with Krav Maga…;-P)
  10. Go to as many cultural events as possible. Got three lined up already. Promise I’ll tell you about them afterwards.

How about you? What were your highlights from 2016? Are you glad the year’s over or sad to see it go? What are your big goals and plans for 2017?

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