Here you can find some samples of my writing, including shorts, extras and novellas, sample chapters from works in progress, deleted scenes from my published works, and more!  I’ll be adding more from time to time, so check back off to see what’s new!

Want to see something in particular, like a short told from another character’s perspective?  Leave me a comment below!

Sample Chapters

Down a Lost Road – Chapter 1

Subverter – Chapter 1

Prism – Chapter 1

Madness Project – Chapter 1

Down a Lost Road: Extended Edition – Chapter 5 (first chapter from Yatol’s POV)

Just for Fun

A Guide to Cavnish Slang

Check out the Madness Method wiki for more insight into the world, characters, and magic of Tarik and Hayli’s world!

Excerpts from WIPs


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