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The Lost Road Chronicles

Down a Lost Road (LRC #1)

Summer was supposed to mean sun, family, and fun…

…not undead warriors, mythical creatures, and trees that glow.

But that’s exactly what 16-year-old Merelin gets.

Merelin’s family has always been a little odd, but ever since her father disappeared four years ago, life has been pretty boring.

Then her world gets yanked out from under her.


As if waking up in the desert of an alien world wasn’t bad enough, the only person who sees her arrive is a fascinating — and infuriating — boy who calls himself Yatol…

…and tells her she carries the key that could save or destroy his world.

Can she trust his promise to help her survive, or should she walk away from his world—and the danger that threatens it—forever?

And if she fights…

…what price will she have to pay?

Subverter (LRC #2)

A year has passed since the Judgment…

…and Merelin wonders if she will ever return to Arah Byen.

Then the visions begin.

Memories of a life and love she left behind begin to twist into something dark and terrible. Is it guilt that haunts her…

…or is she foreseeing a terrifying future yet to come?

Her role in Arah Byen is far from over, but nothing can prepare her for what she will find when she returns.

She thought she had won peace for the world, but a new enemy lurks in the shadows and plots the overthrow of all that Merelin and Yatol fought for.

With everything turned upside-down, Merelin must discover whose side she is really on—and who she can trust—before it is too late.

But how can she know who to trust…

…when she isn’t even sure she can trust herself?

Prism (LRC #1)

In a world that blames her for something she didn’t do…

…Merelin must take on a new identity.

But how long will it take for the truth to come out?

Merelin wants nothing more than to bring Arah Byen into some kind of balance…

…but nothing is going as planned.

The High King raves like a mad man. Merelin’s allies scatter and turn on each other, and the man she loves more than anything stands on the edge of a darkness she cannot comprehend.

Things couldn’t get any worse…

…until they do.

When a terrible crime forces Merelin to flee for her life, she realizes she is not a victim of a horrible plot, but a pawn in a deadly game she never understood.

In the coming fight Merelin cannot stand alone…

…but can she unite her allies before it is too late?

The Extended Editions

After spending some years working on the Madness Method novels, I fell in love with narrating from alternating 1st person perspectives. I always felt like the Lost Road books suffered a little bit from having a single narrator — and that narrator being someone with no prior knowledge of Arah Byen and its history, people, and culture.

In 2017 I decided to start working on “Extended Editions” of the novels a la Peter Jackson’s LOTR and Hobbit movies. These are the same stories as before, but with approximately 50% new material. These are not simply the same chapters told from alternating viewpoints (ugh!). But if you ever wondered what was going on when Merelin wasn’t around, now you get to find out. Down a Lost Road is already out, and I’m currently hard at work on Subverter.

Down a Lost Road: Extended Edition

When her father disappeared unexpectedly four years ago, sixteen-year-old Merelin could never shake the feeling that everyone stopped looking for him much too quickly. Then she receives a curious medallion that once belonged to him, and her whole world changes—literally. She finds herself swept into a harsh but beautiful world, where an ancient civilization stands on the brink of annihilation at the hands of an enemy they have no weapons to fight. 

Some fear she will be their ruin. Some believe she will save them all. And one of them makes her imagine she could.

Yatol has been training all his life as a Guardian of the star road, but it has been four years since anyone came across from the world on the other side. Then, without warning, the portal opens and leaves a girl at his feet. She has no knowledge of her role in his world, or the meaning of the object she carries, but Yatol cannot help feeling drawn to her stubborn strength and spirit. And if she is who she says she is, then Yatol has a promise to fulfill.

Subverter: Extended Edition

Details coming soon!

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