The New Lost Road Chronicles Editions are Out!

dalr_SM_webThe Lost Road Chronicles Just Got a Face Lift

The brand new paperback editions of the Lost Road Chronicles are now out on Amazon.  The Kindle version of Down a Lost Road is also available, and the Kindle versions for Subverter and Prism are on their way.  Check them out!  Down a Lost Road is the only book with any significant changes — it features some expanded scenes, an entirely new chapter, and the Kindle version also has a couple of Yatol extras, including Imprisoned and a new  chapter told from Yatol’s perspective.  They are included at the end of the book, but there are hyperlinks within the novel where these two extras fit in, so you can easily navigate to the extras and back to the place you left.

The paperbacks are a little hard to find on Amazon right now because they’re still linking editions, but you can find them here:

Down a Lost Road 



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