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All right, folks. I need your help.  Some of you may already know that my mentor David Farland‘s son Ben was recently in a terrible accident which will likely run his family into over a million dollars in medical bills (they don’t have insurance). Because of the brain trauma and all the related injuries, he is fighting for his life every day. The ordeal has been so hard for his family. I’ve been trying to chip in with the fundraisers so far, but I want to do something more.

So, I’m announcing that, for the month of May, all the money I make on the sales of my books will go to Ben’s cause. Obviously, DaLR is free, but that means that basically you can download the whole trilogy for under $10. This fundraiser also applies to the paperbacks. So if you would, please consider tweeting this post, posting it to FB to share it with your reader friends, or better yet, gift the books to someone you think might enjoy them.  Or, even better, do all three!  🙂

Please help me help a friend!  Dave is just an incredible teacher and writer, and I really want to give back somehow for all that he’s done for me.

Learn more about Ben Wolverton’s case here:

Find the Lost Road Chronicles on Amazon.

Thanks, y’all.

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