Welcome Readers and Transients!

I’m J. Leigh Bralick, and this is my home on the internet — which you probably already knew if you are visiting this site.  You probably also know that I’m the author of the YA fantasy trilogy, The Lost Road Chronicles, and the in-progress steampunk fantasy series, The Madness Method.

Hope you will stay a while and poke around a bit.  Maybe you can find information that you didn’t already know about me and my books, as well as other things like some of my art and photography, contests and giveaways, and recent ramblings in my blog.

Support Indie Authors

Hey everyone…I just wanted to give a heads-up that I’ve created a special page for indie authors who are struggling right now due to the coronavirus. Some have lost jobs, or their spouses or significant others have lost jobs, or they are struggling in some other way because of this situation. I’ll be adding more …

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