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The Madness Method

The Madness Project (The Madness Method #1)

If everything you thought you knew was a lie, how much would you sacrifice to learn the truth?

Cavnal has been at peace for nearly a century. Magic, once revered, is now the object of contempt. And anyone unfortunate enough to be born with its powers has been banned from the nobility and pushed to the fringes of society. 

All his life, Prince Tarik has known that if the world discovered his secret—that he was born a mage—he would lose everything. But when a wave of violence in the city points back to an underground society of mages, everything changes. Only Tarik has the power to infiltrate their ranks. Only he can learn the truth about a plot that could destroy everything he loves. 

But nothing can prepare him for the life of lies he will have to live to win a place in that society. Or for Hayli, a shape-shifter mage who is unlike any girl he has ever met. She might be the one to destroy all his plans…or she may be the only one who can save him from himself. 

Together they face a dangerous web of sedition, crime and violent ambition, where nothing is as simple as either of them believed. And what they discover will challenge everything they thought they knew about loyalty and betrayal, love and honor.

The Madness Project (The Madness Method Book 1)

A Dark So Deep (The Madness Method #2)

Some things are meant to be broken…

Cavnal stands on the brink of war. With the threat of insurrection from within and the threat of a world war from without, peace seems a fragile, distant dream. At the heart of the chaos stand Tarik—beloved Prince, rebel, traitor—and Hayli, the captured mage who knows too many secrets.

With the world falling into chaos around them, Hayli must struggle to save her sanity and escape her captors, while Tarik must wrestle with his own inner prison before he forgets his reason for fighting. Some believe he is the key to defusing the hostilities before they begin. Some believe he is the only one who can save the mages from annihilation. Torn between the bonds of duty and blood, Tarik begins to understand that his choices are never as simple as he believes, and some questions have no clear answers.

With alliances threatened, Hayli in the grips of the Science Ministry, and the line between loyalty and betrayal blurred, there is only one question that matters: If the price for peace is too high, is war the only option?

A Dark So Deep (The Madness Method Book 2)

A Sea Like Glass (The Madness Method #3)

I am the sea, ruled by no one…

Tarik, Hayli, and their crew risked everything to thwart an insurgency bent on toppling the Cavnish monarchy, but despite all their efforts, the monarchy has fallen, the nation is leaderless, and the threat of a world war looms larger than ever.

Heartbroken, torn between his duty to his homeland and his desire to fulfill King Trabin’s last command, Tarik travels across the wild sea to face the harsh and hostile land of Istia, to secure an alliance with Cavnal that he hopes will prevent the outbreak of war. Once there he finds himself pitted in a political contest against Rigvar, a powerful mage whose vision for Istia could throw Cavnal into ruin. But as his grip on reality falters, and visions that should not be possible begin to plague his mind, Tarik realizes that the political battle will mean nothing if he cannot win the battle for his own soul.

Left behind in Cavnal, Hayli and Tarik’s old crew try to put the pieces of their lives back together, but they all know that nothing will ever be the same. The failed insurgency and the fall of the monarchy left the nation rudderless and divided, and forces are hard at work to topple what remains of the old regime and usher in a new. To make matters worse, there is a mage in Brinmark who not only looks like Prince Tarik, but truly believes he is the missing Prince—and is desperate to prove it. As Hayli faces her darkest fears to protect Tarik’s people and the Ministers who are Cavnal’s last hope of stability, she begins to understand that the enemy is not who she thought, and victory looks nothing like what she expected.

But there are other forces in motion that no one ever dreamed of—and ancient powers are stirring that could unravel everything Hayli and Tarik have sacrificed so much to achieve. When the gods go to war, the world is their battleground, and no one can escape the fight…

A Sea Like Glass (The Madness Method Book 3)

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