Here you can find some samples of my writing, including shorts, extras and novellas, sample chapters from works in progress, deleted scenes from my published works, and more!  I’ll be adding more from time to time, so check back off to see what’s new!

Want to see something in particular, like a short told from another character’s perspective?  Leave me a comment below!

Sample Chapters

Down a Lost Road – Chapter 1

Subverter – Chapter 1

Prism – Chapter 1

Madness Project – Chapter 1

Down a Lost Road: Extended Edition – Chapter 5 (first chapter from Yatol’s POV)

Just for Fun

A Guide to Cavnish Slang

Check out the Madness Method wiki for more insight into the world, characters, and magic of Tarik and Hayli’s world!

Excerpts from WIPs



    • Megan M. on July 31, 2014 at 9:15 pm
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    I met you and your sister at the Dallas Comicon, I actually go there to buy books not comics 🙂 I felt kinda bad when I got your book series and not your sisters, but yours sound more of what I would enjoy. And oh my was I right. I have read countles books, most of them fantasy, and this is like in my top 5 of favorite books. I already knew it was in the top favs but then you added a Doctor Who reference in Prism. Perfection for me! I am so glad that I was able to get you to sign all of them! There was many things about this series that blew me away, and I was really excited to get to read the little short from Yatol’s point of view. I never thought he would be.. well emotional in his self thinking! Made me really love his character even more. I REALLY hope that one day you might decide to re-do the whole series from his verzion. I read in the authors notes that you might expand the series past these 3 novels. I truely hope so! This is one of those series that I wish would never stop coming out with books! I hope that you come back to Dallas so that I can take a picture with you and have it in one of my books. Please expand the series in anyway possible! It would make me soo happy!!! (:

    1. Thank you so much, Megan! That means so much to me! I’m thrilled that you enjoyed the books so much. =) Heh, I had to put in a Doctor Who reference somewhere, and that was just irresistible. 😉 You know, I had such a blast writing the extra from Yatol’s perspective. It’s so interesting getting into his head. I’m just about to put up another one…it’s in the Kindle book right now but I want to make sure the people who have the paperbacks can have it too. It’s an extra chapter told from Yatol’s perspective, so I think you may like that!

      I will definitely post an announcement for any events I do, here and on my Facebook page! Hope to see you at one of them!

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