The Madness Project

Madness Project

In a world where science and technology reign supreme, humans gifted with magic are the outcasts of society. Shunned, ridiculed, and despised for being backwards and un-progressed, the so-called jurzies live in the slums and the shadows, and sometimes even the criminal underground. No one can be a starlet in the eyes of society if magic flows in their veins.

Until the crown prince and darling of Cavnal, Tarik Trabinis, discovers his gift.

HayliForced by his father to hide his ability when he is only five years old, Tarik almost manages to forget his gift until the eve of his seventeenth birthday, when his father gives him a new command. Tarik must now learn to use his rare ability to infiltrate the shadowy Rivanic Clan, in a desperate effort to discover its purpose and its plans. But what Tarik will discover will challenge everything he thought he knew - and make him question the true meaning of loyalty and betrayal, love and honor.



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