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prism_websiteThey called her Prism, as if that was her name.


Forced to take on a new identity to protect herself from a still-angry people, Merelin Lindon wants nothing more than to help bring the world of Arah Byen into some kind of balance. But nothing is going as planned. The High King Zhabyr is falling apart. Merelin’s allies are turning on each other for no reason, and even Yatol is acting more mysterious and tormented than ever. Just when Merelin believes things can’t get any worse, she is framed for a terrible crime, and deserted by those who should have defended her.

But Merelin soon realizes that she is not the victim of a horrible plot, but just one more pawn in a deadly game she never really understood. It is the game immortals play, and nothing she has seen or learned can prepare her for the truths about to be revealed.

In the coming war she cannot stand alone. But can she bring her allies together before it is too late?

Prism is the third book in the Lost Road Chronicles. It is now available on Amazon andSmashwords.

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