Fresh New Look!

Just decided to overhaul the old website.  Excuse my mess while I make it feel more like home!

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  1. Hi there,
    I have been searching for 2 days now trying to figure out how to change the font colour of my posts on the front page from that grey blue colour which doesn’t show up well on a black background. I saw your post in the forum and, I am not a code writer so I tried to cut and paste what they told you but nothing worked for me, I’m super frustrated and have asked 3 people through the forum and no one responds to me. I want to change it to white and no matter what colours I change in editing, what I select on my post page, nothing changes the colour to white.
    Where do I put that code in and which code is best, there are two posted there. On pages that I have changed font colours, I see in the text file, how the code adds a colour. I even cut and pasted that into a post and it still won’t change that stupid grey colour. I’ve looked in php files, forum, googled for pages and pages, ugh, please help. Your website is beautiful by the way, keep it dark, I love it!!!!!

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